Wanderlust Pros Travel Academy™

The Wanderlust Pros Travel Academy™ is a comprehensive, curriculum-based coaching program designed to help passionate travelers launch a travel business in less than 60 days and achieve $3K-$5K months with a focus in group travel.

Hey there, I’m Nia Hines and I’m here to help you launch a sustainable, highly profitable, travel business. I launched my travel company, Notiq Agency, over 10 years ago and growing the courage to actually start my business was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I was able to grow my travel company alongside my engineering career in corporate America and after being impacted by an unexpected layoff in February 2019, my business allowed me to faithfully walk into the life I always dreamed of, becoming a full-time entrepreneur (be sure to check out my podcast, the Full-Time Boss Podcast). 

Wanderlust Pros Travel Academy™ was born out of my love for entrepreneurship and a desire to help others learn how to launch and operate an online business that provides high profitability and long-term growth.

Just simply being a “travel agent” and “booking a trip” does not provide longevity and growth in the travel industry. Having a clear, specialized area that allows you to provide high value to your clients and be competitive in the marketplace is what allows you to grow a sustainable business that can last for years to come.

This program IS for you if...

This program IS NOT for you if…

If you are ready to learn a proven process and business strategy on how to start, launch, and operate a travel business that specializes in group trips, Wanderlust Pros Travel Academy™ is your answer.