Luxury Group Travel Expert & Business Coach

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Notiq Agency
Notiq Agency curates luxury group travel experiences for consumers and businesses looking to build meaningful connections with their family, friends, clients, and community.
Wanderlust Pros Travel Academy™ is a curriculum-based group coaching program for aspiring and existing travel professionals looking to achieve increased profitability and long-term success through specializing in group travel.
Full-Time Boss Podcast
The Full-Time Boss Podcast shares the key areas and skills required to be successful in full-time entrepreneurship—from conquering your mind and emotions to learning how to navigate life as you experience business challenges.

Meet Nia Hines

Nia Hines is a seasoned entrepreneur with a fervent dedication to serving and empowering others. She channels her creativity into curating unforgettable experiences, whether it’s through travel or her coaching and mentorship. As the founder of Notiq Agency, she’s transformed her love for travel into a thriving business that specializes in creating unforgettable group travel experiences. Nia’s expertise extends beyond her agency, as she is also the driving force behind the Wanderlust Pros Travel Academy™, a business mentoring platform dedicated to coaching aspiring and existing travel business owners looking to specialize in group travel. Her dedication to helping others find success is further showcased through her popular Full-Time Boss Podcast, where she shares insights and inspiration for those looking to transition into full-time entrepreneurship. Nia’s journey is a testament to her commitment to living a purposeful life and helping others position themselves for prosperity, longevity, freedom, and success through entrepreneurship.